Commercial Inspections

Property assessments are what we do best, but we’re not limited to inspecting certain types buildings. We’ve worked closely with businesses all over Connecticut. We inspect offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, factories, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more!  We’ll assess the damage and provide you with an estimate before starting any repairs or replacements. Save money by having a property inspected before making major repairs or upgrades.

We provide detailed reports, usually delivered within 24-48 hours.  Property assessments are what we do best, but we’re not limited to inspecting certain types buildings. We specialize in inspecting commercial properties, such as apartments, office buildings, schools, and shopping centers. Our team is focused on the long term and can provide maintenance suggestions that will prolong the lifespan of your commercial property. An inaccurate inspection could spell disaster in the future of your company or business venture! That is why we help you understand potential risks associated with your investment before making any major purchase.

Due diligence includes evaluating the building for structural problems, safety issues, and other major repairs needed. A commercial property inspector’s job is to help clients negotiate contracts with the seller and buyers. We provide property condition assessments covering lots, grounds, parking, structural issues, exterior surfaces, electrical, plumbing, roofing, HVAC systems & ductwork, interior features, restrooms, breakrooms, moisture intrusion issues, attic spaces, insulation, life safety concerns & hazards, ADA screening compliance (project-specific), and more. Our services include a free report and a detailed summary of findings, recommendations, and cost estimates.

An inspection will reveal the life spans of five major systems within the building, including the following: Roofing Structural Integrity Electrical Plumbing Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) Real estate management teams want to know if the roof or HVAC system will need to be replaced in the coming years, or if electrical elements will need to be upgraded due to a change in building use.

A commercial building is a building or structure located on a parcel of commercial real estate.

Some examples of commercial buildings and properties include: Cafes, Condominiums, Convenience Stores, Factories, Hotels and Lodging Malls, Manufacturing Facilities, Medical Office Suites, Mixed-use Buildings, Multifamily Housing, Office Buildings, Residential Units (for-profit), Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Sports Facilities, Storage Facilities, Strip Malls, and Warehouses.

From roof to foundation, a commercial building inspector will check a building’s health in its entirety.

Commercial building inspectors provide a variety of services. Their goal is to make sure your business stays up and running by making sure everything is working properly. A commercial building inspection may include site characteristics, structural framing, building envelopes, mechanical and electrical systems, plumbing systems, heating systems, roofing, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, vertical transportation (escalators, elevators, etc.), safety and fire protection, interior elements, probable cost estimate, document review, recommendations, and more. Commercial buildings should be inspected by specialized companies, because they have different issues than residential ones. They also need special attention.

Our inspection reports include both detailed descriptions and photos of the entire structure. You’ll get a full description of every room and an assessment of how well the building is maintained. In addition to describing the structural integrity of the building, you’ll also learn about electrical systems, heating and cooling equipment, plumbing, fire safety, roofing, windows, doors, walls, floors, ceilings, and more.