Licensed CT Home Inspectors are in demand! There are less than 500 Inspectors with many of them ready to retire. Licensed Inspectors have an opportunity to be well paid for their time on an inspection. Most charge fees that equate to over $100 an hour. Most Licensed Inspectors are self-employed and can work 25 hours a week at times convenient to them. Home Inspections are beneficial to your clients so you are providing a valuable service that is well appreciated.

To earn a CT Home Inspection License you must comply with 3 Major Requirements prescribed by the CT Department of Consumer Protection (DCP):

  1. Successfully complete entry-level training; There are more than 10 DCP approved providers, some resident courses in various states and others correspondence/online. Most are reasonably priced.
  2. Complete a 100 Inspection Internship under the supervision of a Licensed CT Home Inspector. Most Licensed Inspectors will not work with new interns because they are scared of liability or do not want to create future competition. The cost of the internship will probably be the highest cost of licensing. It takes a long time to generate 100 inspections.
  3. State-approved standardized test. Many have to take it a second time, but it’s normally not a stopper.

So let Paragon Property Inspections LLC help you kick start your new career. You will be taught on one of the industries top computer programs. So what are you waiting for? Let us guide you through the whole internship from start to finish and help you prep for the state exam.

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